Thursday, March 1, 2012

Lent Week II: The Journey Continues

Last week's Lenten journey centered around giving up a form of media (TV, newspaper, radio, etc) and replacing it with prayer (or something at least more constructive than vegging out on the couch). This was a fairly simple challenge for me. I already don't watch much TV, I don't get the newspaper, and I typically just listen to music on the radio. Out of those three things, I decided to go without television. I can do more constructive things with my evenings than watching a favorite show, right?

Time to reflect about what I added to replace no TV...  While I didn't spend every hour I normally spend watching TV in personal devotion or prayer, I did catch up on some pleasure reading, I got a start on getting my budget in order, I spend a few evenings with my friends, and I started a brainstorm list of things for our young adult group at church to do (I have recently taken charge of finally getting our group together). As it turns out, I don't really need to watch much TV! This is something I believe I will incorporate into my normal daily life.

Here's the next part of the journey...

February 29: Thy Kingdom Come
Focus: Giving up a social activity and replacing with service to an organization or individual.

Here's to Days Just Packed with constructive things to do in the evening!

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