Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Days are Just Packed

What?! Nate has a blog? It's true, I've finally decided to dive into the world of blogging. The other night I couldn't sleep, which seems to be a fairly common occurance lately. I did almost everything I could think of in order to get some necessary REMs in before class in the morning, but it was no use. I listened to some nice music on Pandora, played solitare, read a little, and I even tried to lie in bed and do A LOT of mental math hoping that it would tire me out (it usually does during the day at least). None of these things worked so I decided to go through my email inbox and do some archiving (I know, mental math, archiving...I'm a total engineer). In my inbox I came across a link to a blog that my cousin started last year in order to track his progress toward completing a new health/fitness/self improvement goal each month. He encouraged all the family to join in with him, but I admit that I used the, "I don't really have the time" excuse and forgot about the email. A little over a year later, I have been inspired (thanks, Jason).

I signed up to follow the "30 Days Challenge" so I could at least use the archives from last year to start fresh this year. I should have known that in signing up to watch my cousin's blog I was asked by my computer if I wanted to start a blog of my own. Since I already keep a daily journal on my computer, I thought, "Why not? This could be fun!" I have some friends who have blogs, so it's about time I got with the times. Which brings me to...

"The Days are Just Packed" Isn't it glorious? I love Calvin and Hobbes (I have a cat named Calvin), so I thought that this would make an excellent title for my blog page. I lead a fairly busy life with school, work, band, church, the gym, etc. For me, the days are definately packed, but I've found that it's always nice to sit down and have a little bit of "reflection time" on what exactly they have been packed with. This blog is that reflection time, and I thought that it would be nice to share some if it with my friends and family (especially since some of us live pretty far away from each other).

Here's to "days that are just packed," in the hopes that they will be packed with good things!

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  1. welcome to the world of blogging! i started and then stopped, and now i'm going again. it will be nice to see what's going on with you!